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Mud and Musk Turtles

There’s a nice blog post at scientific american on mud and musk turtles that discusses some of our ongoing work. It’s a nice popular review of a really interesting group of turtles.

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TreeThinkers blog

Several colleagues and I recently launched a blog associated with the Bodega Phylogenetics Workshop. Our goal is that it will serve as a forum for informal discussion of topics relating to phylogenetics and comparative methods. We aim to cover new methods, pedagogy,

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Turtle Genome Released!

The first paper on the Chrysemys picta genome came out today in Genome Biology. The paper is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of interesting questions that are currently being explored using these data, but it’s satisfying to

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HIMB Pauley Program June 2013

This June, Zac Forsman, Ingrid Knapp, and Rob Toonen will host an immersive and innovative workshop at the Hawaii Institute for Marine Biology Advancing tools for biodiversity studies: Genomics and bioinformatics of cnidarians with a focus on corals Should be a great

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Bodega Workshop Photos


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Bodega Student Talks

Caroline, Áki, and Mike gave great talks at this year’s Bodega Workshop.  

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Trees in motion

I received a request the other day for one of my old figures that interactively displays the data from my 2010 BMC Biology paper on the growth of phylogenetic knowledge. It was still sitting on my old server space at

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2013 Bodega Bay Workshop

Bob and Caroline are spending the week at the 2013 Workshop in Applied Phylogenetics at Bodega Bay. Find out more about the workshop and what is going on at our new website.

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Animal tree of life

Max Telford has a really nice perspective in today’s Science on the contribution that molecular data has made toward resolving the animal tree of life, it’s definitely worth a read. The perspective focuses on deep relationships among major groups of

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New website for Bodega Course

We have brought a new website online just in time for the 2013 Bodega Bay Phylogenetics workshop. Check it out here. Some information about the reasons for the change and useage of the old website are contained in my post

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