Bob Thomson



Evolutionary biology, phylogenetics, and conservation biology. My recent research has focused on phyloinformatic approaches for summarizing large genetic datasets, phylogenetics and phylogeography of turtles and other herps, and conservation work focused on setting statewide priorities for the management of California’s amphibians and reptiles.

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Recent Publications

Spinks PQ, RC Thomson, Y Zhang, J Che, Y Wu, HB Shaffer. In press. Species boundaries and phylogenetic relationships in the critically endangered Asian box turtle genus Cuora. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution.
Spinks PQ, RC Thomson, B Hughes, B Moxley, RM Brown, A Deismos, HB Shaffer. 2012. Cryptic variation and the tragedy of unrecognized taxa: the case of international trade in the spiny turtle Heosemys spinosa (Testudines: Geoemydidae). Zoological journal of the Linnean Society. 164: 811-824. download paper
Holzman R, DC Collar, SA Price, CD Hulsey, RC Thomson, PC Wainwright. 2012. Biomechanical trade-offs bias rates of evolution in the feeding apparatus of fishes. Proceedings of the Royal Society – Series B. 279: 1287-1292. download paper
Johnson, JR, RC Thomson, SJ Micheletti, HB Shaffer. 2011. The origin of tiger salamander populations in California: Introductions or relicts? Conservation Genetics. 12: 355-370 go to paper
Thomson, RC, HB Shaffer. 2010. Rapid progress on the vertebrate tree of life. BMC Biology. 8: 19 go to paper
Thomson, RC, IJ Wang, JR Johnson. 2010. Invited Review: Genome-enabled development of molecular markers for ecology, evolution, and conservation. Molecular Ecology. 19: 2184-2195 download paper
Thomson, RC, PQ Spinks HB Shaffer. 2010. Distribution and abundance of exotic red-eared sliders (Trachemys scripta elegans) in California’s Sacramento River basin and possible impacts on native western pond turtles (Emys marmorata). Chelonian Conservation and Biology. 9: 297-302 download paper
Spinks PQ, RC Thomson, AJ Barley, HB Shaffer. 2010. Testing avian, squamate, and mammalian nuclear markers for cross amplification in turtles. Conservation Genetics Resources. 2: 127–129 go to paper
Barley AJ, PQ Spinks, RC Thomson, HB Shaffer. 2010. Fourteen nuclear genes provide phylogenetic resolution for difficult nodes in the turtle tree of life. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution. 55: 1189-1194 download paper
Thomson, RC, HB Shaffer. 2010. Sparse Supermatrices for Phylogenetic Inference: Taxonomy, Alignment, Rogue Taxa, and the Phylogeny of Living Turtles. Systematic Biology. 59: 42-58 download paper