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On building a small cluster

Upon request from a reader, I just put up a quick post over at that discusses our lab’s cluster, some general thoughts and pros and cons of doing a self build, versus buying, versus just sticking with shared resources.

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More on microRNAs

Casey Dunn has new commentary up at PNAS on our recently published microRNA paper. Check it out here. Dunn, CW (2014) Reconsidering the phylogenetic utility of miRNA in animals. PNAS.doi:10.1073/pnas.1413545111.

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microRNAs in Phylogenetics

Our paper on the use of microRNAs for phylogenetic inference is out today in the early edition at PNAS. A news story on the paper is also up at Nature, along with a news highlight at PNAS. Fun fact: The turtle

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Pond Turtles

KCET has a nice story on our recent paper proposing new species boundaries for the western pond turtle.

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Mud and Musk Turtles

There’s a nice blog post at scientific american on mud and musk turtles that discusses some of our ongoing work. It’s a nice popular review of a really interesting group of turtles.

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TreeThinkers blog

Several colleagues and I recently launched a blog associated with the Bodega Phylogenetics Workshop. Our goal is that it will serve as a forum for informal discussion of topics relating to phylogenetics and comparative methods. We aim to cover new methods, pedagogy,

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Turtle Genome Released!

The first paper on the Chrysemys picta genome came out today in Genome Biology. The paper is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of interesting questions that are currently being explored using these data, but it’s satisfying to

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HIMB Pauley Program June 2013

This June, Zac Forsman, Ingrid Knapp, and Rob Toonen will host an immersive and innovative workshop at the Hawaii Institute for Marine Biology Advancing tools for biodiversity studies: Genomics and bioinformatics of cnidarians with a focus on corals Should be a great

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Bodega Workshop Photos


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Bodega Student Talks

Caroline, Áki, and Mike gave great talks at this year’s Bodega Workshop.  

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