Kauai Softshells

We’ve just returned from our fieldwork in Kauai!  Bob and I did a very thorough job surveying the island for suitable habitat and existing populations of P. sinensis and P. steindachneri.  In fact, we put 741 miles on the rental car!  Not too shabby for an island that’s 33 miles across at its widest point.  We came armed with 11 chimney traps, but despite all our efforts, we were unable to capture the elusive softshells.  Given previous capture rates of the softshells on Kauai, it’s apparent that they’re quite rare.  We did obtain some good leads and will be back to Kauai soon to try our luck again.  Bob and I were able to catch a few hours of downtime from fieldwork to drive up to Kokee State Park to see Waimea Canyon and the Na Pali Coast.  It was a breathtaking view and we were fortunate to see a flock of nene (endemic Hawaiian goose) fly by. Below are a few snapshots of us in action, and a few of the scenery.

IMG_7263P1020879P1020891IMG_7241IMG_73272014-07-18 13.16.43IMG_7340


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