New Graduate Course: Foundations of Evolution and Ecology

Amber Wright, Floyd Reed, and I are starting a new graduate core course next fall and spring. Course announcement below.

Instructors: Floyd Reed, Amber Wright & Bob Thomson 

Foundations of Evolution and Ecology is a new two-semester graduate core course that will be offered next fall (Zool 780) and spring (Zool 781). The course is a graduate level introduc- tion to evolution and ecology emphasizing foundational litera- ture, quantitative models and model-based inference, and major questions in evolution and ecology. Example topics include pop- ulation and evolutionary genetics, population and community ecology, and phylogenetic and comparative methods.

Course format will comprise two weekly lectures, a discussion section, a weekly peer-learning session, as well as outside-of- class reading and projects focusing on student’s research ideas. The two-semester series is worth a total of 8 credits (4 cred- its/semester) and fulfills both the Evolution and Ecology course requirements of the EECB program. Enrollment is open to zoology graduate students or graduate students in other programs (with instructor approval). Students must enroll for both semesters. For more information contact:;; and/or

Meeting times: MWF 1:30-2:20 (Lecture & Discussion) and R 3:00-4:45 (Peer Learning)
EDIT: In order to make things easier on students that aren’t based on the Manoa campus, we are tentatively planning to switch the peer learning session to meet on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday. This will keep class meetings to three days out of the week. I’ll update once we have a new day/time worked out.

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