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Fall Lab Meeting Schedule

28 August – Organization 4 September – No meeting (field work) 11 September – Evan 18 September – Open 25 September – Amber 2 October – Robyn 9 October – Emilie 16 October – Eli 23 October – Bob 30

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More on microRNAs

Casey Dunn has new commentary up at PNAS on our recently published microRNA paper. Check it out here. Dunn, CW (2014) Reconsidering the phylogenetic utility of miRNA in animals. PNAS.doi:10.1073/pnas.1413545111.

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Hawaii’s Herps

Departing briefly from their normal topics, Hawaii Business magazine published an article this month on herps in Hawaii. It’s a short trivia style article that basically points out the paucity of native reptiles and amphibians in our state and has

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Pond Turtles

(Bio)accumulation blog is doing a nice job of aggregating literature on the Western Pond turtle. A couple of new additions to the list are up, including our recent SNP paper that proposes splitting the Western Pond Turtle into two species.

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Running a research lab in the tropics presents some unique challenges. Over these first few years in Honolulu, this has been a process of discovery that ranges from amusing (geckos invading the office) to annoying (condensation accumulating in computers). We

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